Oppo F19 Review – How Does it Compete With Its Own Classmate Oppo E Niche Phone?


The Oppo F19 makes an excellent smartphone. With it’s attractive cost and advanced functionality, one would do well to get the Oppo F19. However, this smartphone does have a few shortcomings that render it somewhat less appealing than the latest flagships from Samsung and others. To fix these issues, I have been using the Oppo Eleon and have come to some general observations about the handset. Oppo F19

One thing that bugs me about the Oppo F19 – and I think many other reviewers as well – is that the battery life does not last very long. In fact, I would say that it hardly last for five to six hours at most. This could be because of the slow charging support that the smartphone seems to have. When you first take the phone out of the box, you immediately notice that it has a rather weak and slow charging system. If you are reading this review before you buy the Oppo F19 online, then you know what I am talking about.

The Oppo F19 runs on the older model of Android, version 2.3.4. This means that if you want to use your Oppo F19 with the Google Play app, then you are going to have to make do with the preinstalled Google Camera setup. This means that you either need to buy an official Google Camera app for the phone or download one from the Android market. In any case, this isn’t a great deal and doesn’t really add anything to the functionality of the Oppo F19.

Another issue with the Oppo F19 – and this is a common problem with high-end smartphones – is the way that the phone comes out of the box. It comes with a weird aspect ratio. This means that the sides are taller than the top and bottom but not long enough to touch the sides of the screen. On top of that, there are also oddly shaped icons on the screen. It’s difficult to navigate around the home screen, and in any case, this aspect ratio can make watching videos on the phone difficult to follow.

The Oppo F19 comes with a dual camera setup. While it’s a nice feature, it does mean that the battery will drain faster. This is something that we’ve seen in other high-end smartphones like the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc and Motorola RAZR i Phone. It’s clear that Oppo F19 users need to focus on these two areas if they want to get more from this smartphone.

One final area where the Oppo F 19 suffers for this device is in the camera department. The camera has an odd, curved image sensor that doesn’t respond quickly enough when you press the shutter button. In general, taking high quality pictures and videos can be difficult to handle. However, these are just some of the negatives you’ll find with the Oppo F 19. The battery life, performance, size and features like the dual camera set it apart from the competition, but this is still a smartphone that shouldn’t be compared to high-end devices like the iPhone 4 or HTC Desire HD.

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