Problems You Should Watch Out For With The Mi 9 Power Slot


Mi 9 Power has got the features that a smartphone should have. With a huge capacity battery, it can perform even intensive tasks like gaming and streaming videos without any trouble. You can also enjoy high definition videos with its clear camera lens. The price of this device is not the cheapest. But what deters users from buying the device is its bad performance. The uninstall apps problem is its primary setback for a lot of users.

You can easily fix these common problems with help of a professional. If you are a regular user of this smartphone, you will definitely face some of the issues mentioned above. Some of the common problems you will face with the device include slow user interface, random reboot, battery drain and many more. Mi 9 Power

Your device will also be booting up very slow. This is a major problem that most users face with this smartphone. You can easily fix the random reboot problem by updating to the latest update in the Google Play Store. This should be done at least once in a week to ensure smooth functioning of your smartphone.

Another common problem of this budget smartphone is the blue screen of death. This problem is exclusive to the redmi 9 power version. This problem is mostly seen in phones of this brand. You should immediately look for a solution to this problem if you are facing this issue with your redmi 9. The solution to this problem is to use an authentic xiaomi repair service that you can find online.

The battery life of the redmi 9 power comes down very quickly when the apps are opened rapidly. You can easily increase the time you can work on your phone by installing some apps that allow you to save the state of the apps that are running. The apps that allow you to do this include stuff like those from Cydia. When you install these apps, they will not take up much memory and will save the state of the apps that are running thus making your phone last longer.

The camera of the Mi 9 has got a primary optical image quality camera, a high pixel rating and a dual pixel camera. The image quality of the camera is good but it is not something that you should rely on. You should use the manual mode for better image quality. This is because the software of the camera might be setting it up wrong resulting in you getting bad image quality. You can buy an action shot lens from the Mi site which can be used for shooting action sequences without getting your hands wet.

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